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The hip is a ball and socket joint that is very stable.  Like the shoulder, the hip rotator cuff is responsible for moving the hip in many planes which increases its risk of damage to these small muscles. Included in the list of things that may happen to the hip, arthritis, tendonitis and bursitis are the most common.

Piriformis Syndrome

“A very common source of leg pain that can be simply treated without need for surgery” Piriformis syndrome is sciatica-like pain due to impingement of the sciatic nerve as it courses through the piriformis muscle. It can be located only within the piriformis muscle or radiate different degrees all the way to the foot.  The incidence is thought to…


“A very common source of hip pain that can be simply treated without surgery” Trochanteric bursitis is a regional pain syndrome described as an aching and intermittent pain over the lateral hip region. It is one of the most common causes of hip pain with an incidence is 1.8 to 5.6 per 1000 adults in one year, mostly…

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I was very impressed. Very thorough. He took his time to really find out what was wrong etc. Very pleased and couldnt be happier

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