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The knee is one of the largest joints in the body and it is made up of the femur, patella and tibia. It is held together with ligaments and tendons and can absorb shock through its two menisci. When it is working normally, it can easily support several times our body weight. Sometimes due to injury or wear-and-tear, the knee begins to become problematic.

Meniscus Tears

“A common source of pain, especially due to sports, that often can be simply treated without surgery” The meniscus in the knee is a piece of cartilage that sits between the bony surfaces of the joint. It is a rubbery tissue that acts as a shock absorber during activities such as walking, running and jumping….

Ligament Tears

“A common source of pain, especially common in active individuals that often can be treated without surgery” The bones of the knee (femur, patella and tibia are connected to each other  by four very strong ligaments that work to keep the knee stable. The  collateral ligaments are found on the sides of your knee. The…

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Excellent doctor! Displays genuine care and is very thorough to diagnose problem. Took time to explain the issue. Highly recommended.

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