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The human nervous system is made up of billions of nerve cells working together. The nervous system makes things happen. Without the signals being sent down from the brain, we would not be able to move or interact with our environment.  When our nervous system is working normally, we take it for granted. When it starts to malfunction, it can often be difficult to understand what is going on.

Myofascial Pain

“A very common source of pain in the digital age that can be simply treated without surgery” Myofascial pain syndrome is a regional pain disorder characterized by localized hypersensitive muscles that radiate pain. It is very common and can result in significant disability. It is often associated with anxiety, poor posture, repetitive  strain injuries, sleep…

Peripheral Neuropathy

“A growing source of pain that can be treated in certain conditions” Peripheral neuropathy indicates damage to the peripheral nerves or the nerves that connect to our arms and legs. Symptoms generally include weakness, numbness, burning pain and loss of reflexes. It is increasingly common as we age but can also be associated with diabetes mellitus or exposure to…

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

“A insidious source of pain that can be treated without surgery or undue suffering” Complex regional pain syndrome is a chronic pain syndrome that can develop with or without an inciting event. It is often more severe than the original injury and can result in pain and functional loss of the affected extremity. It can be caused by…

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Andre is very knowledgeable and did a thorough investigation of the issue. He is a great communicator and described the diagnoses and next steps clearly.

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