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We use an innovative systems-based regenerative medicine approach to diagnose and treat your condition. This contrasts markedly from the standard biomechanical approach that most physicians use. When you have an injury, it can become masked by adjacent injuries that occur in different tissues as you continue about with your daily activities. This causes an alteration in the local cellular micro-climate, which not only impairs healing, but results in a widespread problem that can affect the nerves, muscles, joints, ligaments and blood vessels which can impact many aspects of your life.  These types of injuries can be very frustrating for patients to describe and even more frustrating for physicians to treat. If you have not improved after a short trial of medication, chiropractic, physical therapy, or injection therapy, or if long-term improvement remains elusive, it is time to consider a systems-based regenerative medicine approach.

Imaging tests such as x-rays and MRIs have a certain resolution. Resolution refers to the ability to differentiate two separate structures of a certain size. Anything smaller is invisible, even if it is the cause of your symptoms.  Many patients get frustrated when the MRI or x-ray is normal or demonstrates pathology in other locations. Even with ultrasound technology, which has a higher resolution, problems can remain invisible. In these cases, specialized procedures are used to zero in on the diagnosis.

Regenerative medicine has finally allowed physicians, for the first time, to enhance and restart the body’s natural repair system. By using your cells, we can direct your body to restart the healing process and heal tissues that have not healed even if they have been damaged for many years. This innovative approach has allowed us to limit the use of corticosteroids. Although corticosteroids are incredibly helpful for temporarily treating severe pain, corticosteroids limit blood flow which impairs the healing process. With patience and persistence, systems-based regenerative medicine has made tremendous long-term impacts in our patient’s health.

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