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Medical Acupuncture

Powerful Pain Relief in an Ancient Tradition

Medical acupuncture can be used to decrease pain and inflammation in many pain conditions.

“Medical acupuncture in the ancient Chinese tradition can result in substantial pain relief  without the risks of surgery.”

Using state of the art technology, the spine and sports specialists at Spine & Sports Medicine of New York accurately diagnose, target, and relieve the source of pain, to get you back to your active lifestyle.

What is medical acupuncture?

Medical acupuncture is the use of fine needles to stimulate and restore the flow of “Qi” in the body. When this Qi is stuck, it can result in the development of dysfunction and pain.
Fine needles are placed at specific regions in the body to stimulate the flow of Qi.

How long does it take?

Medical acupuncture usually takes 30 minutes per treatment, although this can vary greatly based on the underlying disease process.

How often should this procedure be done?

Acupuncture sessions are usually spaced 1-3 days part. In general, the effectiveness becomes greater after each session. Up to 6-8 medical acupuncture sessions are usually done.

What are the expected results?

Medical acupuncture is very successful in relieving pain. The benefit from medical acupuncture lengthens after each treatment and can be very helpful. This therapy combined with a routine of strengthening and stretching allows many individuals to enjoy a pain free lifestyle.

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Really sharp. Great background and credentials. Very accommodating once he knew leaving country on vacation. Picked up previously unknown BP issue in thorough exam and found possible hernia other doctors missed. Laid out complex diagnostic and treatment plan that made a lot of sense and was comprehensive, but also conservative. Did all the right things. New office. Liked him. Very competent staff too. Recommend without reservations.

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