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Facet Joint Blocks

Powerful Arthritis Relief without Surgery or Down Time

Facet joint blocks are steroid injections that are used to decrease pain and inflammation due to a facet joint arthritis in the spine.

“Facet joint blocks can result in substantial pain relief without the risks of fusion surgery.”

Using state of the art technology, the spine and sports specialists at Spine & Sports Medicine of New York accurately diagnose, target, and relieve the source of pain, to get you back to your active lifestyle.

What is a facet joint block?

A facet joint block is the injection of steroid medication into the facet joints of the spine.
There are two joints at each level of the spine and they can become arthritic like any other joint in the body. Inflammation of these joints can even mimic sciatica.
After a local skin anesthetic is applied to numb the injection site, a needle is inserted into the affected facet joint space. To ensure accuracy and safety, our physicians perform the procedure under fluoroscopic guidance, using contrast to confirm needle placement or under ultrasound guidance. Local anesthetic and steroid medication are delivered into the joint space to decrease the inflammation in the joint, resulting in relief of pain.

How long does it take?

Facet blocks are performed on an outpatient basis. The procedure typically requires 45 minutes, including preparation and recovery time.

How often should this procedure be done?

Repeat injections into facet joint often results in decreased relief. If this occurs, your physician may recommend trialing a radiofrequency procedure which can provide longer term relief.

What are the expected results?

Facet joint blocks are very successful in relieving pain. The benefit from these injections will typically occur two to seven days following the procedure. On occasion, more than one joint may be involved, so this injection may have to be repeated in several joints in the spine. This therapy combined with a routine of strengthening and stretching allows many individuals to enjoy a pain free lifestyle.

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