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Subcutaneous Perineural Therapy

Directed Pain Relief for Long Term Results

Subcutaneous perineural therapy is a series of tiny injections that target the small nerves in  the muscles.

“Subcutaneous perineural therapy can result in substantial pain relief without the risks of  surgery.”

Using state of the art technology, the spine and sports specialists at Spine & Sports Medicine of New York accurately diagnose, target, and relieve the source of pain, to get you back to your active lifestyle.

What is subcutaneous perineural therapy?

Subcutaneous perineural therapy is a series of micro-injections targeting the small nerves  located in the fascia, a tissue that surrounds muscles. These nerves have been found to  cause pain when the surrounding tissues compress the nerve. As the nerve gets further  compressed it sends pain signals to the brain.  The nerves that cause this type of pain are small, so they are not easily seen with imaging.
They are located in specific areas of the body and are found y palpation. Once identified  they are injected with a solution that decreases the sensitivity of these nerves

How long does it take?

Subcutaneous perineural therapy typically requires 25 minutes, including preparation and  recovery time.

How often should this procedure be done?

This procedure may be done several times within a several week period. Usually there is  profound improvement by the second or third procedure.

What are the expected results?

Subcutaneous perineural therapy is very successful in relieving pain. The benefit from this  therapy typically occurs two to seven days following the procedure. This therapy combined  with a routine of strengthening and stretching allows many individuals to enjoy a pain free  lifestyle.

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